Welcome to Copyright Policy Institute (“CPi”).  We are a Washington D.C. based non-profit Copyright Think Tank.  We are a non-partisan 501 (c) 3 organization and we track, report and advocate on the following issues impacting copyright law and internet culture:

  1. Copyright laws, rules, regulations and proposed legislation
  2. International treaties impacting United States Copyright law
  3. Laws and rules that deal with p2p file sharing and torrenting
  4. Digital Millenium Copyright ACT (“DMCA”) rules and amendments
  5. Digital Rights Management
  6. Virtual Private Networks
  7. Happenings in the United States Copyright Office
  8. Amicus briefs in key cases and legal issues
  9. Public education on copyright laws and implications
  10. Issues affecting artists and creators
  11. Public advocacy on key cases
  12. Copyright research, studies and statistics
  13. Fairness in the software audit process (ex. audits with the Business Software Alliance and others)