This company needs to be reigned in, people are SUFFERING BIG TIME!

One thing I know for sure, people who use BitTorrent or other related applications and download adult movies can find themselves in quite a bind.

People make mistakes, but should you have to pony up your life savings to avoid a copyright infringement lawsuit? Strike 3 Holdings believes you do, and they literally have no mercy for the clients; many are Asians in the Bay area and elsewhere.

They will send subpoenas to the ISP’s and seek to hold them liable for infringement, many times to the tune of $500 or more per movie downloaded. In a typical case, there may be 30-50 movies. All you have to do is add up the numbers and see how outrageous the settlement demands will be.

It is not uncommon to see demands of $25,000 to $35,000 for merely downloading movies (where copyright notices and FBI warnings are not usually found) and to try to milk these people financially dry.

Most people have no idea that downloading videos on torrent protocol is illegal, after all, there are so many “Tube” site that offer free videos, most people think there is nothing illegal being done.

Don’t forget, most people have never taken a copyright law course, and many of our clients are immigrants that come from countries where this IS NOT COPYRIGHT LAW, and certainly no education about countries like the United States that have such laws.

BOTTOM LINE: Give good people a chance before you break their piggy bank. Send a demand letter (cease and desist) when you catch an infringement if you are serious about stopping the infringement. Suing people as “John Doe” defendants in jurisdictions like NY, California, Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio (states where people have money) is unconscionable.

Mitigate your damages with a fair warning. This has to be stopped, and soon. Support our cause.