This company needs to be reigned in, people are SUFFERING BIG TIME!

One thing I know for sure, people who use BitTorrent or other related applications and download adult movies can find themselves in quite a bind.

People make mistakes, but should you have to pony up your life savings to avoid a copyright infringement

Fair Use needs to be more predictable.

Here is a quick list of 5 items that should be considered “fair use” under the copyright laws. This should be codified as a “Fair Use Bill of Rights.” Let me know your thoughts, if you agree, disagree, or would add other things:

  1. Any third-party clip that is

Strike 3 Holdings has filed THOUSANDS of lawsuits across the United States in states like Illinois, Washington, California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and other states.

Typically, they are extracting settlements anywhere from $150 to $750 per movie allegedly infringed. This can add up. For example, if an adult downloads 100 movies and shares them via